Sunday, August 28, 2011

Facts and Figures

Number of months since I graduated from Bryn Mawr: 3
Number of weeks that summer camp kept me employed: 10
Number of viable jobs I currently have: 0
Number of job applications I have submitted so far: 6
Number of Craigslist ads I have looked at: approx. 1532098098
Number of jobs, out of those that I have been qualified for: maybe 2
Number of companies looking for someone with computer skills and/or retail experience: 392340
Number of companies looking for someone with awesome English skills: 0
Most interesting job I have found so far: Horse-drawn cab driver in Center City ( if you are interested)
Places where I have applied, in order of relevance to my overall life goals (most to least relevant):
Free Library of Philadelphia (homework helper)
Character Development Bookstore (sales associate)
The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education (environmental educator)
Micheal’s Crafts (sales associate)
Starbucks (barista)
Top Tails Dog Walking Company (dog walker and slave)
Number of places that I have heard back from so far: 2
Of those, number who could only offer me about 4 hours a week: 1
Number that would TAKE OVER my life and not pay well: 1
Places that will be receiving a resume and cover letter from me in the next few days:
Learning by Grace (Christian homeschooling online teacher– more on this later)
Eastern State Penitentiary (tour guide)
Cupcakes Gourmet (sales person)
Hours that I just spent writing this blog that might have been better spent writing said cover letters: .75
Number of hurricanes that have hit Philadelphia since I started looking for a job: 1
If only I could use that as an excuse.


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